A network of knowledge – Competence in Process Automation

Robotics/Robot Technology

Robotics are assuming more and more processes in manufacturing automation. We offer product-independent services for the design and software programming of robot controllers and for the parent production control.

We automate your new production.

We can program your production line to optimise your existing systems, including the robotics.

Since everything comes from one source, the robots smoothly harmonise with each other. Of course, robots can be connected to existing machines.



Robot handling

Classic tasks such as

  • Palleting / storage of manufactured parts
  • The assembly of parts in the manufacturing process

Robot testing

But even in the testing of manufactured parts

  • Characteristics are checked in conjunction with a camera
  • Tolerance checks of parts
  • and much more


Robotic systems

  • ABB Robot Studio
       - SCARA robots
       - axis robots
       - paint robots

Factory Automation Systems

  • Simatic Manager
  • TIA-Portal
  • S7-300, S7400, S7-1200, S7-1500