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Process Visualisation

Thanks to our extensive project experience, the abacon group will stand alongside when it comes to process visualisation.
Our work is characterised by profound, detailed knowledge and the highest quality, which is ensured by comprehensive monitoring and appropriate documentation. Securing the current project status is guaranteed with the latest technologies.

Process visualisation significantly contributes to the economic success of your production facility.

From the development of a new control and monitoring concept to a 1 to 1 migration, we are your partner.

When critical situations are detected by the operator at an early stage, they can repair it immediately and without loss of production. This is made possible by a good and thoughtful process visualisation. With the help of automated steps, for example during a migration, errors can be minimised. We will be happy to support you in the implementation with additional advice, or help you with FAT.


In addition to generating the individual process images, we also implement system-neutral faceplates for operation and monitoring of processes. We work with the latest techniques of process control and optimise process visualisation accordingly.
The abacon group realises projects with a few graphics to more than 400 graphical images.

Sample Images

Our services:

  • Conceptual design of the basic structure of the workplace and the process graphics
  • Planning the image composition (based on the provided R & I diagrams)
  • Creation of static image shares
  • Dynamization of Graphics
  • Design of process visualisation according to the rules for High Performance HMIs
  • Migration of old systems (data integration and process images)
  • Backdocumentation of process graphics and control systems
  • Customised Training