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abaDoku – Automated System Documentation

Obtain easy access to documents from 800xA at any time, such as operating instructions, process tag sheets, P & ID, etc.
abaDoku links content with 800xA without the need for time-consuming object configuration. Maintenance and management can also be done conveniently from the office workstation, without prior knowledge of 800xA.

abaDoku – special solution 800xA

The abacon group has accumulated extensive knowledge for using the ABB Industrial IT System 800xA control system.

Benefit from our many years of project experience - we look forward to implementing your individual wishes.

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abaDoku links a freely definable file system, such as a directory on a NAS, with 800xA. In so doing, abaDoku creates an  independent folder structure (file system), which for instance displays the contents of a control structure, i.e. the mapped measuring points. The user has the possibility of defining different entry points and, for example, to only represent a specific area of the facility in the file system. In this created scale structure, it is now possible for the user to store documents. After an individually set period, abaDoku creates a link to the document, which may be visible or invisible for different user groups. Once the document is removed from the file system, the link is automatically deleted in 800xA.

abaDoku allows you to overlay an 800xA graphical message to display as soon as documents are stored in a so-called Prio-folder. In this way, important information is immediately reported to the user, for example, an important operational directive for an aggregate.

abaDoku runs as a service on a 800xA server (application server).