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Network Technology

The abacon group offers complete network solutions for your business. We support and coordinate projects in the planning/design of the components from procurement to configuration, commissioning and training.

Network technology is becoming more and more importance in industrial automation.

The abacon group is a competent, skilled partner for your network.

Developments such as industry 4.0 demonstrate the growing links between IT and manufacturing. Due to ever increasing complexity, issues such as IT security is more important than ever. Our certified staff will be happy to support and advise you in this topic as well.



Our services around Network Technology:


netzwerktechnikThe following points are in the in the foreground when it comes to design and planning:

  • Planning a fail-safe network
  • Bandwidth requirements
  • Investment protection
  • Customer-specific
  • Custom concepts
  • Simple and uniform operation
During the design of your network solution, we consider different fundamentals and techniques.

We consider aspects of extensibility as well as that of the port costs. As a network provider, we set up the network, regardless of manufacturer. We work with network products from Hirschmann, Phoenix Contact, WuT, WAGO, Siemens, Cisco, Dell, D-Link, HP and 3Com, among others.

Our services range from the installation of the infrastructure to the monitoring and acceptance of individual installation processes, such as reducing wiring. Detailed design and installations in operation are made possible.

We configure your network components. Which configuration is the appropriate setting for your application? Standard installations rarely fit the needs of an automation network (unnecessary traffic). What features are needed? We are familiar with the leading network manufacturers and configuring Layer 2, such as switching and flow control, up to Layer 3, such as routing and VRRP.


We can provide network support and troubleshooting support with technical means (hardware) and analysis tools (software). We can use modern tools to check the physics of the network (copper, fibre optic SM and MM fibre). As a result, the customer receives an automated record of the measurements in which the main parameters of the test are documented. The creation of elaborate and individualised testing protocols for your quality assurance is naturally one of our tasks as well.
Download protocol (pdf)

Using professional test tools and extensive testing equipment, an evaluation on a physical level can be carried out. Within the framework of the evaluation, your Profibus network is examined in detail. The most common causes of errors, such as installation errors (wire breaks, short circuits, stubs, etc.), are presented. The generation of reports on the individual measurements serves to provide quality control of your Profibus network. Thanks to its long experience, the abacon group is perfectly suited to assist you in this area.

Data recovered from network scan can be analysed graphically using the latest tools. With this evaluation, it is possible to determine the condition of the network as well to illustrate it graphically and statistically. In this way, errors or bottlenecks can be identified (for example, unnecessary or unwanted broadcast protocols). Combined with our network knowledge, network bottlenecks and misconfigurations can be identified as soon as possible.

The goal of network monitoring is overseeing all potential network vulnerabilities - (continuous monitoring). In so doing, an increase in the availability and in case of a rapid diagnosis is achieved.
The standard technique for network monitoring is the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). This is a standard that is consistently used by all manufacturers. Modern network components provide the basic functions for comprehensive network monitoring.
We support you in this area with our expertise in order to find a good solution for your network monitoring.