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A network of knowledge – abacon Network and System Monitoring

Monitoring, alerting, maintenance/diagnostics, long-term archiving and logging of all important properties and events of manageable network components, from controller switches to systemically important server or client processes. abaNSM collects information from the network and analyses it according to your specifications. Direct PLS alerts functions just like an email alert or info window. The comprehensive alert channels are just one highlight of abaNSM.



A network of knowledge. abaNSM creates networks!

abaNSM network    abaNSM system monitoring

Network and Systems Management - suitable for your network!

  • Permanent monitoring
  • Proactive management
  • High availability and quick diagnosis in case of fault
  • Minimising downtime
  • Regardless of the manufacturer
  • Customised network monitoring perfectly suited to the customer's network

Behind the innovative abaNSM product is the combined expertise of the abacon group in the field of automation and network technology. Our specialist knowledge and many years of project experience make abaNSM a practical solution - perfectly adapted to the needs of the automation world.

abaNSM is an intelligent modular network management

With abaNSM, you get a product that easily deals with all the challenges of ethernet-based networks. Benefits and objectives of abaNSM include:

  • Assurance of operational processes
  • Detection of critical performance and system values
  • Fast identification of problems
  • Simple fault diagnosis
  • High availability and quick diagnosis in case of fault
  • Reducing downtime and maintenance costs
  • Integrated management
  • Configuration, performance and fault management
  • Graphic evaluations such trend monitoring

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance - proactive management - is important for the operator: to inform and instruct, to collect and evaluate network parameters that link different information and provide possible solutions.

abaNSM is modular and thus makes it possible to optimally adapt the network management to the network to be monitored: regarding to the number of participants, the required functionalities, different user interfaces, the long-term archiving or analysis and maintenance functions.